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Accelerate Your Marketing

Supercharge marketing! Engage, capture leads, convert seamlessly. Drive business growth effortlessly.

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Boost Sales. Personalized Experiences

Empower sales. Personalized recommendations, answer inquiries, close deals faster. Sales success awaits!

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Effortless Support. Delighted Customers

Instant support. Resolve inquiries, self-service options. Delight customers with seamless experiences.


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Build Your Bot

To get started with your AI Chatbot, simply click on "Add New Bot" in the top right corner. Give it a unique name and customize its appearance and information. Define its personality and move on to the next step.

Chatbot How to Step

Train and Refine

Once your bot is created, it's time to train and refine it. Use your knowledge data to enhance its capabilities. You can upload relevant files or provide your website URL. Customize its responses and behavior to match your requirements for a seamless user experience.

Simplified AI Chatbot
Chatbot How to Step

Deploy and Engage

After building and training your bot, it's time to deploy and engage with your audience. Choose the deployment method that suits your needs. Whether you want to add it as a chat bubble for direct interaction or embed it anywhere on your website using the iframe code, the choice is yours. Start engaging with your visitors and provide them with valuable assistance instantly.

AI Chatbot


AI Chatbot Usecases: Inspiring Transformation, Driving Growth, Igniting Success

Use Cases

Customer Support and Service

24/7 Support. Instant Solutions. Exceptional Customer Service.

Use Cases

Lead Generation and Qualification

Automate Lead Generation. Qualify Leads. Close Deals Faster.

Use Cases

E-commerce Support

Enhance E-commerce Experience. Drive Conversions. Delight Customers.

Use Cases

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Effortless Scheduling. Never Miss an Appointment. Optimize Operations.

Use Cases

HR and Employee Support

Accessible HR Support. Empower Your Employees. Boost Productivity.

Use Cases

Virtual Assistants

Enhance Productivity. Simplify Your Life. Virtual Assistance at Your Fingertips.

Use Cases

Sales and Marketing

Boost Marketing Efforts. Convert Leads. Achieve Sales Success.

Use Cases

Financial Services

Personalized Banking Assistance. Financial Guidance at Your Service.

Use Cases

Education and e-Learning

Interactive Education. Seamless Learning Experience. Unlock Your Potential.

Use Cases

Travel and Hospitality

Seamless Travel Experience. Personalized Recommendations. Memorable Journeys.

Free Forever

Explore the Capabilities of AI Chatbot with our free forever plan, no strings attached


50 message credits/month

Buy additional credits any time.

1 Chatbot, 1 Seat

  • Train your bot with one source ( PDF / DOCX / URL)
  • Collect User Information
  • Store all user sessions

Simplified is rated 4.9/5 stars in over 2 million+

Lauren D. Armour

Chief Operational Officer, NaturHeals

Simplified keeps it simple

There are a lot of AI apps that seem to be invented every second. I stick to Simplified because it's just that...simple, everything is one place, and they continuously outdo themselves. Whether you need help with an Amazon product you are selling, revising content you've already written, or creating something completely from scratch, Simplified got you covered. I love it!

Kamal Balogun

Marketing consultant (Unified Creative Arts & Technology)

Simplified my workflow.

I recently started using Simplified, a social media content management platform, and I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use. The AI-loaded features make publishing content an absolute breeze. It's so much faster and simpler than any other platform I've used before. I'm so glad I found Simplified; it's made managing my social media presence a piece of cake. Highly recommend!

Mary Spiro

Communications Associate (The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)

Pretty cool right out of the box!

I have just started experimenting with Simplified but so far this seems like an incredibly useful tool that combines many functions I would need in one place. I like that you can have a brand kit with templates. Even the free version is incredibly robust! So far (two weeks in) Simplified has done well with social media content creation and hashtag suggestions.

David Robertson

Marketing Manager (Meercat Associates)

Not The Jack Of All Trades, The Master!

Have been using Simplified for a couple of months now and blown away by the non-stop development and customer care.Get this > Simplified is an AI writer, graphic design tool, video editor and social media scheduler. Four tools in one, streamlining my workflow and allowing me to unsubscribe from various other tools - saving me tonnes of cash.

Jon Wilton

Copywriter (Cambridge Management Consulting)

Incredible number of tools in one place! One platform for all your needs.

Really powerful and intuitive. We were amazed at how many tools this packs under the hood. More intuitive to use than many similar products such as Spark and Canva. The animation tools are particularly strong compared to competitors. We value being able to order animation timings and the text animations are better than most.

Giovanni Prodan

Funnel Strategist (libero professionista settore digitale e comunicazione)

Finally! All my content creation in one place

I always wanted a software like this for my content creation. I was using several different softwares, but now I don't have to go from one to another all the times. This is great. # I recommend it to anyone who needs help with their content creation


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simplified AI ChatBot?

Simplified AI ChatBot is your own Chat-GPT powered by artificial intelligence (AI), trained on the knowledge data set provided by you. It enables you to automate customer support and engagement processes with human-like conversations.

How do I provide data to Simplified AI ChatBot?

You can easily provide your data to Simplified AI ChatBot by uploading documents in formats such as (.pdf, .txt, .doc, or .docx.) Alternatively, you can also provide a website URL, and it will scrape data from the website to enhance its knowledge base.

Can I customize the questions for Simplified AI ChatBot?

Absolutely! With Simplified AI ChatBot, you have the flexibility to add customized questions. This allows you to train the bot on specific topics or queries that are relevant to your business or industry.

What types of documents can I upload?

Simplified AI ChatBot supports various document formats, including .pdf, .txt, .doc, and .docx. You can upload your knowledge data in any of these formats to train the bot and enhance its understanding of your domain.

How does Simplified AI ChatBot learn and improve?

Simplified AI ChatBot leverages advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to learn from the provided data. It continuously analyzes user interactions and feedback to improve its responses over time, ensuring accuracy and relevancy.
Simplified AI Chatbot

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