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Why AI Agents?

Go beyond traditional Chatbots with AI-driven Support Agents

Experience the revolution in customer service with AI that truly understands and responds.

Integrations that save time
Integrations that save time
Imroved response time
Integrations that save time
Integrations that save time

Trained on your own
Knowledge Base

Train your chatbot on your knowledge base to ensure it provides up-to-date, accurate answers reflecting your latest products and policies. Equip it to handle customer queries with the expertise of your best team member.

Integrations that save time
Enhanced Efficiency

Improved response time like never before!

24/7 Customer Support. Assist customers with their complex needs in real-time, from product exchanges to subscription updates. Improved response time like never before!

Imroved response time
Smart Adaptability

Auto evolve and enhance rapidly with "Auto Retrain"

Quickly adapt to business shifts and automatically update as per the policy changes.  Continuously elevate the customer journey latest business information

Integrations that save time
80+ Languages

Multilingual AI Agents for localized customer support

One AI agent who can speak all the languages. Enhance customer interactions with AI-powered assistance in their native languages.


AI Deployments
From Training to Launch in Hours

Customize the appearance, train with your data, and deploy across platforms,
whether on your website or social media inbox


Build Your Bot

To get started with your AI Chatbot, simply click on "Add New Bot" in the top right corner. Give it a unique name and customize its appearance and information. Define its personality and move on to the next step.

Chatbot How to Step

Train with diverse data sources

Once your bot is created, it's time to train and refine it. You can train the bot with your website URL or by uploading organization documents. Training the bot on your knowledge base makes the bot ready to answer all your customer queries in no time.

Simplified AI Chatbot
Chatbot How to Step
AI Chatbot

Deploy on your Website and Go live

After building and training your bot, it's time to deploy and engage with your audience. Choose the deployment method that suits your needs. Whether you want to add it as a chat bubble for direct interaction or embed it anywhere on your website using the iframe code, the choice is yours. Start engaging with your visitors and provide them with valuable assistance instantly.

Chatbot How to Step

Integrate with Messanger, Whatsapp and many More

You can deploy this chatbot on all your social channel.

Simplified AI Chatbot
Integrations & Automations

Integrations to supercharge your customer support

Simplified Copilot
Why Us?

How Our AI-driven Chat transforms your customer service  

WIth everybody else

Traditional Chatbots with limited capabilities

  • Inflexible, generic chatbots often cause more problems than they solve.

  • General GPT tools fail to provide answers based on your specific training data.

  • Custom chatbots are tricky and labor-intensive to maintain.

  • Training customer support staff can take over three months.

  • Overwhelmed by a constant influx of support tickets.

With our AI agent

AI-driven Support Agents for your AI Workforce

  • An AI-driven tool that enhances your support team's capabilities to deliver out of the box experience.

  • Offers high-quality 24*7 customer support with immediate responses.

  • Handles the majority of support tickets automatically.

  • Doubles the productivity of your existing support staff.

  • Frees up staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Customizable Appearance

Tailor the look to match your brand.

Auto Trigger Options

Set conditions for automatic engagements.

Train on Your Website

Customize AI using your site's content.

Data-Specific Training

Educate your AI with unique data sources.

Defined Personality

Shape AI responses to fit your brand's tone.

Multilingual Support

Communicate globally with diverse language options.

Continuous AI Retraining

Keep AI updated with the latest information.

Social Media Integration

Connect AI seamlessly with your social platforms.

Trackable Conversations

Monitor and intervene in AI interactions as needed.


See for Yourself

Ask the Simplified AI chatbot a question about itself.

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AI Chatbot

Plans & Pricing

AI Chatbot
AI Chatbot

Free Forever

For getting started with AI Chatbot


1 Chatbot, 1 Seat

Get started
  • 50 message credits
  • 1 seat
  • 1 ChatBot
  • Train with 1 source (URL, PDF, DOCX, CSV and TEXT files)
  • Embed unlimited widgets
AI Chatbot
AI Chatbot


Made for solopreneurs.

30% Off

5 Chatbot , 1 Seat

Get started
  • 4000 message credits/month
  • 1 seat
  • 5 ChatBots
  • Train with upto 25 sources (URL, PDF, DOCX, CSV and TEXT files)
  • Facebook Intigration
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Instagram Integration
  • Embed unlimited widgets
  • Collect user data
  • 80+ Languages
  • 10+ Tones
  • Remove 'Simplified' Branding
AI Chatbot
AI Chatbot


Best for larger business and organizations

Custom Enterprise plans offer bulk creations, presentations, and ad templates. Your AI Chatbot customized to fit your needs.

Contact Sales
  • 12000 message credits/month
  • 10 seats
  • 25 ChatBots
  • Train with unlimited PDF, DOCX, CSV and TEXT files
  • Embed unlimited widgets
  • Collect user data
  • 20+ Languages
  • 10+ Tones
  • Remove 'Simplified' Branding

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Simplified AI ChatBot?

Simplified AI ChatBot is your own Chat-GPT powered by artificial intelligence (AI), trained on the knowledge data set provided by you. It enables you to automate customer support and engagement processes with human-like conversations.

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How do I provide data to Simplified AI ChatBot?

You can easily provide your data to Simplified AI ChatBot by uploading documents in formats such as (.pdf, .txt, .doc, or .docx.) Alternatively, you can also provide a website URL, and it will scrape data from the website to enhance its knowledge base.

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Can I customize the questions for Simplified AI ChatBot?

Absolutely! With Simplified AI ChatBot, you have the flexibility to add customized questions. This allows you to train the bot on specific topics or queries that are relevant to your business or industry.

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What types of documents can I upload?

Simplified AI ChatBot supports various document formats, including .pdf, .txt, .doc, and .docx. You can upload your knowledge data in any of these formats to train the bot and enhance its understanding of your domain.

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How does Simplified AI ChatBot learn and improve?

Simplified AI ChatBot leverages advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to learn from the provided data. It continuously analyzes user interactions and feedback to improve its responses over time, ensuring accuracy and relevancy.

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designed to deliver personalized conversational experiences.

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What our users are saying about Simplified AI Chat

Aggregate Review Rating

4.6/5 Stars



Extremely Helpful

It's AI writing is extremely intuitive. Very rarely do you need to rewrite the prompt, it is more likely you just need to snip what you need here and there rather than just using the whole generation

5/5  Stars


The best experience I have had with any AI product

Simplified is swift and the contents generated are easy to read and understand. It also gives mind-boggling accuracy to the topic spoken about. It also doesn't make up ambiguous words to fit.

4.5/5  Stars


Great AI Writing tool!

It is really simple to use, very user friendly, and most importantly, the AI features is beautifully awesome!

5/5  Stars


Efficiency and Collaboration Made Easy

Simplified offers a wide range of tools and functionalities within a single platform. This comprehensive approach allows users to manage multiple tasks and workflows from a centralized location, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.

4.5/5  Stars


Brilliant AI Tool!

Unlike Chat gpt by Elon, this AI Knows up to date data and provide real information from the web in detail. it can create theorys of scince and can answer all of my math problems. I use this app all of the time. Its so easy to use as well. Just sign in and type

5/5  Stars



The fact that this website has an ai built in, AND an ai chat bot makes it awesome. I use it at least every week.

5/5  Stars